Aleoba is an online marketplace that brings products/services to millions of people. We help highly motivated and committed individuals to open a store under our online marketplace. Aleoba was formed to make shopping and selling easier in different countries. It allows manufacturers, vendors and consumers to trade products and services. Aleoba also promotes local manufactures of handmade products in order to be able to reach high product exposure to millions of people around the globe. This platform allows people to purchase or sell online for free. It also allows consumers to purchase any product or services of their choice at any time anywhere there are, whether online or offline. Customers and users can open accounts for free so that they will be able to track their orders and services at any time.

Most of our sales are made through the website at It is very secure and safe to purchase in Aleoba. All information you use in Aleoba, you are the only person who is able to view it. Even our administrators are unable to open your dashboard.

We offer multiple shipping options that allow customers to choose from, to allow them to meet their budget.

Above is the home page of Aleoba. Customers are able to open accounts for free to be able to track their orders at any time, anywhere.

  • Customers can easily open accounts
  • Login
  • Go to categories to find products
  • Track orders
  • Receive a tracking number when your order is shipped.
  • Easily Share affiliates links with Friends and family

Below is the picture of a product page in Aleoba Marketplace.

Things you can easily find on the product page:

  • Prices
  • Sizes
  • Product description
  • Save to Wish List (to purchase at a later date)
  • Easily add to your cart
  • Easily change the enter site to your local currency.
  • Reviews form other customers

You can follow on the following social media and miss any activity or product promotion.

Below is the Aleoba Pinterest Page

Who Can Open a Store in Aleoba?

In Aleoba companies and individuals who is highly motivated to take and scale their business to millions of people can open a store. You need to be committed to fulfilling all orders on time and always comply with Aleoba policies.

What makes Aleoba so Unique?

In Aleoba we work as a family. Once you become a member you have everything you need in your palm. We have a community that helps one another to overcome any obstacles that will arise in your store/business.

We help one another on how to become more successful in our businesses.

We purchase products from one another unless not published.

We have meetings and groups that motivate and gives advice.

We learn from one another.

How To Open an Account?

Everything in aleoba is made very easily, simple and accurate, no unnecessary information needed. You will enjoy being part of Aleoba Online Place

Click here or follow the instructions below

  • You simply log-in to
  • Click on Sign-up
  • Fill up the necessary information.
  • Your account will be live immediately.

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